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LuoMuKanteleet – Creating Music Together!

LuoMuKanteleet bring the joy of folk music and encourage a whole new generation of listeners, as well as seasoned musicians, to get their hands on our beautiful sounding cultural heritage. We play Finnish and other Nordic folk music as well as dance music from waltz to tango. Many of the traditional tunes in our repertoire have been arranged together by the group. We also play several songs as well as compositions by members of the LuoMuKanteleet. Everyone in the group play, sing and compose – we create music together!


LuoMuKanteleet; founded in 1997, consists of children and young people who study the Kantele in Luoteis-Helsinki’s music academy. There are over 30 players between the ages of 7 and 19 and they play the 5-11-stringed small Kanteles and 36-39-stringed larger Kanteles. LuoMuKanteleet performs both as an ensemble and also in smaller groups.

Since the beginning of its inception Kantele teacher Maarit Aarvala has been in charge of the group. In 2002 the LuoMuKanteleet Association was founded to provide additional support and guidance.


Over the years the LuoMuKanteleet has organised several concerts of our own all around Helsinki as well as performed in several other functions in smaller group. LuoMuKanteleet has participated in a variety of different kinds of cultural events. The group has also travelled to perform in different parts of Finland as well as abroad.


Minä poljen, sinä ohjaat (2013) (LMKCD03)

The latest disk from the group LuoMuKanteleet was released in November of 2013. It is a further evidence of creative music-making and uncompromising work.

Tuulella, sateellakin (2009) (LMKCD02)

The second disk from the group was released in October of 2009 and it was the public’s choice for the folk-music disk of the year in a vote organised by the folk music magazine Pelimanni and kansanmusiikki.fi. The 29 young players show their talent in handling this instrument. In their hands the Kantele transforms itself from being a delicate interpreter of emotions to a joyous dance instrument and back again.

Hullu minä olin (2005) (LMKCD01)

The first recording of the LuoMuKanteleet group was published in the summer of 2005. The CD is ample evidence of the inspiration and skill of the group as almost half of the songs on the disk have been composed by the musician themselves. The other half includes traditional as well as more modern tunes and songs.

Email: maarit(at)aarvala.fi