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Registration for New Students

The registration form for new students wishing to begin their musical studies in the fall of 2021 will be available on our website during the registration periods 1.4.-30.4.2021 (Private Instrumental or Vocal Studies, Instrumental Carousel) and 5.-.23.5.2021 (Music Playschool).

The application form will be available online during the registration period.
The application form will be available in English. Should you need assistance with the application, do not hesitate to contact us at

Apply here (during the registration periods).

Applying to Music Playschool and Instrumental Carousel:

There are no auditions for new students for Music Playschool and Instrumental Carousel; places will be filled in order of application. New students can register by filling out the application form during the registration period (to be confirmed later). A description of the different Music Playschool groups can be found on the Music Playschool page.

Applying for Private Instrumental or Vocal Studies, or for Preparatory Instrumental Studies

Students applying for private instrumental or vocal studies, or for preparatory instrumental studies will be accepted through an interview process.

Applicants can find the list of instruments offered for study at the Institute, as well as the curriculum of study on the Institute’s website.


Music Playschool


Music Playschool (’muskari’), is early music education for children from 3 – 8 years of age. Music playschool is also a fun way for parents to experience music together with their children.


Music Playschool gives children the opportunity to experience joy and accomplishment through music. Children experience making music by singing, rhyming, playing rhythm and melody instruments, as well as through movement and play. It is possible to paint and draw during lessons as well. Early music education is a good starting point for later instrumental or vocal studies.


New students will be accepted to Music Playschool groups during the spring application period (3.5.-23.5.2021), as well as throughout the year if places become available.



Descriptions of Early music education groups below:


Classes for Parents and Children:


It’s possible to begin Music Playschool from as young as 3 months in family groups. These groups are meant for children from 3 mo to 3 years of age, together with their parents. Groups are made up of children born in the same year, and they meet once a week for 30 – 45 minutes. Each class progresses in an age-appropriate manner.


3mo – 11 mo: 30 min. together with parent or guardian

1 and 2 yr old groups: 45 min. together with parent or guardian

Family muskari: 45 min. 2 children from the same family together with parent or guardian


Children without Parents


3-,4-, and 5 yr old children: 45 min. without parents


Kantelemuskari (5-6 yrs)


In these groups, the children become acquainted with the kantele

Children who will be 5-6 yrs old can apply for these groups.

Kantele is a very popular instrument at LUHMO: Maarit Aarvalla has about 30 students studying folk-music on kantele. The kantele is an excellent first harmonic instrument for children!


Art muskari (4-5 yrs) / Art + kantele muskari (5-7 yrs)


Visual art muskari combines a multi-faceted approach to music through singing, movement and rhythm and the basics of visual art methods.  Different art medium from drawing to painting and collage are used in the classes. The aim is to combine themes in visual art to music.


In Art + Kantele classes, the children play 5 string kanteles in addition to the above.


Vocal muskari (5-8 yrs)


In vocal muskari, children are encouraged to discover the joy of singing together while learning the basics of good vocal technique. Children are encouraged and supported in using their own voice.


Piano muskari (5-6 yrs)


Children become acquainted with the piano in a playful approach together with other aspects of muskari play. Children will sing, move, use rhythm, and play rhythm instruments as well as learn basic finger technique and rhythm on the piano. The piano is integrated into the classes without any large goals for learning piano technique at this stage.


Ukelele muskari (‘Muksulele’) (6-8yrs)


Children become acquainted with an instrument that easily fits in their hands. Ukelele is a fun, versatile instrument that can be used to accompany the child’s own singing. Along with the familiar muskari way of working, children will learn simple chord progressions, and play and perform together in groups.



Instrument Carousel


These groups are meant mainly for children from 6-8 yrs of age, children under 6 will only be accepted through the interview process.

Students receive instruction on 4-6 instruments during the year. The instruments included changes from year to year.

Instrument Carousel is a fun way to get to know many different instruments and their teachers here at LUHMO. Many students find their own favorite instrument this way.