In-person solo lessons resume with restrictions beginning 1 February.

All group lessons will continue online.

Instrumental and vocal students:

1. Students below the age of 20: solo lessons may be in-person lessons starting 1.2.2021. Solo lessons may also continue online according to the teacher’s judgement. Teachers will contact the students.
2. 20-year-old and older students: solo lessons continue online
3. Mupe, alkupolku and ensemble lessons etc. will continue online

Music Carousel, Music Playschool and Instrumental Workshop (group lessons):

1. Music Carousel lessons will continue online
2. Music Playschool lessons will continue online
3. Intrumental Workshop lessons will continue online


Students arriving for their in-person solo lesson:

1. Students (12 years old and older) wear face masks unless specific health reasons prevent their use. Disposable medical masks are preffered. Younger students wear face masks according to guardians’ judgement. Students bring their own mask to lesson.

2. Students can not attend in-person lessons sick, or if they have any symptoms. If a student has been exposed to the virus, they can not take part in in-person lessons during the time they are in (voluntary or mandatory) quarantine. The same applies when returning to Finland from abroad.

3. Parents etc. accompanying students may not come to the third floor facilities. Exceptions may may be made with young students (under school-age). If a student can not attend lessons independently, online lessons are also an option.

4. Students arrive puntucally and do not spend unnecessary time at the institute. Students wash their hands upon arrival.

4. If a student is diagnosed with the corona virus and has taken part in in-person lessons, we ask that you inform the institute director either by e-mail ( or text message (050 556 8811).