Registration for New Students

The registration form for new students wishing to begin their musical studies in the fall of 2019 will be available on our website during the registration period: 30.3 – 1.5.2019

The application form will be available online during the registration period. Auditions will be held on Tues. 21.5 and Wed. 22.5. After filling out the form, applicants will receive confirmation of their personal audition time from the Institute by 10.5.

Applying to Music Playschool and Instrumental Carousel:

There are no auditions for new students for Music Playschool and Instrumental Carousel; places will be filled in order of application. New students can register by filling out the application form during the registration period: 30.3 – 26.5.2019 (Instrumental Carousel), 2.5.-26.5.2019 (Music Playschool).A description of the different Music Playschool groups can be found on the Music Playschool page.

Applying for Private Instrumental or Vocal Studies, or for Preparatory Instrumental Studies

Students applying for private instrumental or vocal studies, or for preparatory instrumental studies will be accepted through an audition process. Applicants will be asked to repeat simple rhythms and melodies during the audition. In addition, they should be prepared to sing a song of their own choice. If the applicant has already begun instrumental instruction elsewhere, they are welcome to play a short piece during the audition.

Applicants can find the list of instruments offered for study at the Institute, as well as the curriculum of study on the Institute’s website.

What to expect when you arrive for your audition

We’re really glad that you are interested in studying music; learning how to play an instrument is a gift that will last your whole life!

You have already registered for an audition by filling out the registration form? If not, please fill out the form on or before 1.5.2019 (the form will be available online 30.3.-1.5.2019)

How should I prepare for my audition?

Try to decide what instrument you would really like to learn how to play, but it’s ok if you have more than one favorite!

Check out some instruments that you might not be familiar with – how many new instruments can you find, or did you know them all already?

You can play rhythmic games at home: have your parents clap a short, clear rhythm for you to repeat. You can repeat the same rhythm several times before trying a new one.

You can play the same kind of repeating game with short melodies, too.

Try to decide what little song you’d like to sing for us at your audition. It’s enough to sing one or two choruses of a familiar children’s song, but you can prepare a longer song if you’d like.


On the day of your audition

Be sure to arrive on time, at least 15 minutes before the personal time you were given in the email you received from the school. That way you’ll have a chance to relax a little in the waiting room before you are called into your audition.

During your own personal audition, we’ll talk with you a little so we can get to know you, and then we’ll play a few of the repeating rhythm and melody games mentioned above. We would also very much like to hear the song that you’ve prepared to sing for us. If you already play an instrument, it would be very nice to hear you play a short piece for us as well!